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Creating a Wildlife Habitat

Sungei Pandan is amongst the most lovely and scenic rivers of Singapore with natural greenery along the river attracting a host of joggers, strollers and nature lovers.

In 2010, under the 1,000,000 Native Plants @ South West programme by the South West Community Development Council (CDC), Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd has shown its support by funding the Tree of Life by Borneo Motors @ South West in collaboration with the National Parks Board, Nature Society Singapore and PUB, the national water agency. The aim of the programme is to create a nature habitat whereby floral and fauna, and certain species of the local wildlife will thrive in our environment, while being taken care by us.

The Objectives of Tree of Life by Borneo Motors @ South West are to:

Objective 1

Creates woodland habitat with undergrowth, as well as to restore the mangrove habitat typical of a riverbank before it was developed.

Objective 2

Lure birds and butterflies typical of such woodland, as well as attract uncommon and rare species to make their homes here thereby, creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Objective 3

Attract wetland birds and butterflies from the remnant mangroves at the lower reaches of the river.

Objective 4

Engage and involve the community within the area (residents in HDB and private residential estates, commercial operations and schools) by encouraging everyone to play their role in being part of the broader ecosystem.

Presently there is a substantial remnant of mangrove widespread along the coasts and waterways in Pandan and Jurong. However, there are some stretches along Sungei Pandan that are currently bare. For ecological and aesthetic purposes, trees can be planted to create a nature habitat so as to attract certain species of wildlife to make their homes there. Residents living in the area will also get to benefit by enjoying the nature including the rare wildlife. 

With the concerted efforts by all, the trees planted along Sungei Pandan will help to form a series of green corners for wildlife along the river from the upper reaches at Ghim Moh to the lower reaches up to Jalan Buroh. This will encourage isolated wildlife that is found in the fragmented patches of natural woodlands along the river to propagate and forage in an extended range. At the same time, the natural landscaping will enhance the waterway and create a beautiful and clean environment for all to enjoy. 

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